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Flexi Coil

Since 1952, with the introduction of the revolutionary coil packer, Flexi-Coil has developed a wide range of farming equipment to meet the changing needs of farmers. Flexi-Coil has earned a reputation for product quality and superior design in seeding, tillage and chemical application equipment. In particular, the Flexi-Coil air seeding systems stand alone in terms of innovation, efficiency and effectiveness.

Flexi-Coil Air Carts

Air Carts

Flexi-Coil air carts deliver precision seeding in any field condition—and they're simple to operate.


Flexi-Coil Air Drills

Air Drills

Flexi-Coil provides seeding equipment solutions to help farmers conserve land resources and adopt techniques that conserve soil moisture and nutrient-rich topsoil. Each component of a direct seeding system, whether no-till or minimum-till, must be chosen and managed to the soil's advantage. The right air drill choices for your operation will help protect your soil and reduce the effects of detrimental environmental conditions.


Flexi-Coil Tillage


Tillage requires durability, accurate depth control and high residue clearance to match the toughest conditions. Whether tillage practices are for incorporating residues, fertilizers, seed bed preparation or weed control, a range of features and configurations are needed to meet the specific applications of individual producers.


Flexi-Coil Field Sprayers

Field Sprayers

There are a lot of very good reasons to practice safe spraying. The effective control of chemical drift is not only important to your business, it's also vital to the health of your family. Independent research has shown that Flexi-Coil field sprayers equipped with windscreens greatly reduce chemical drift. That translates into an improved workplace for you and a cleaner, safer environment for your family and neighbors.


Flexi-Coil Packers


Coil packing has proven to be an effective seedbed management tool on millions of acres worldwide. When soil is packed around seed, moisture moves more easily into the seedbed, creating an ideal environment for germination. Seeds germinate at the same time for even emergence. And, dense soil also provides a better environment for root development. Use a coil packer during seedbed preparation or after seeding.


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